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Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Pure App is a revolutionary dating app that caters to individuals seeking genuine connections and intimate encounters, setting itself apart from other dating sites and apps. With its emphasis on anonymity and spontaneity, Pure App invites adults looking for passionate relationships in the realm of online dating.

Tired of the same old dating apps and sites? Looking for something more exciting and authentic in the online dating world? Enter Pure App, a revolutionary dating app that promises to shake up your dating game like never before. Ever wondered what it would be like to skip all the small talk and jump straight into real connections? Curious about how this app can eliminate swiping fatigue while maximizing meaningful encounters?

Active audience 2 million+
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-34 years
Profiles 10 million+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5/5
Registration Free
Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Pros & Cons

  • – Pure App is a real game-changer when it comes to hookup apps – no more endless swiping or wasting time on small talk, just straightforward casual sex.
  • – With its unique feature of self-destructing profiles and chats, Pure App ensures your privacy and keeps your casual dating adventures discreet.
  • – Forget about endlessly scrolling through countless profiles – Pure App’s powerful search filters let you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for in a hookup site.
  • – Limited profile information and lack of personal details can make it difficult to judge compatibility.
  • – The nature of the app being solely focused on casual hookups might limit options for those seeking more meaningful connections.
  • – Some users may find that the lack of a chat history or conversation archives can lead to confusion or miscommunication in future interactions.

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

How Does Pure App Work?

Pure App is a revolutionary online dating platform that was launched in 2014. With the aim of providing users with an enjoyable and hassle-free dating experience, Pure App eliminates the typical time-consuming aspects of traditional apps. The app’s creators wanted to create a space where users could cut through the noise and focus on what really matters: meeting new people for casual encounters.

On Pure App, finding profiles is incredibly simple and straightforward. Users can browse through potential matches by swiping right or left based on their interest.

One unique aspect of this app is that profiles are only available for a limited time, usually one hour. This encourages users to act fast and connect with others without delayed responses or lengthy conversations.

Key features of Pure App include its minimalist interface, anonymity feature, and mutual interest alert system. Its minimalistic design ensures that users can quickly navigate through profiles and make quick decisions based on initial attraction. Additionally, Pure App prioritizes user safety by allowing anonymous browsing until both parties show mutual interest in each other.

This creates a level playing field where individuals can feel secure while interacting with others.

Overall, Pure App provides a convenient way to connect with like-minded individuals seeking no-strings-attached relationships. It offers free registration but also provides paid options for additional perks such as extended profile visibility and offline access to chat history. Users can rest assured knowing they are engaging within a safe environment due to the app’s commitment to privacy measures and constant monitoring of suspicious activity.

How to Make Contact on Pure App

Curious about the contact options available on Pure App? In this section, we will explore the various ways you can get in touch with Pure’s customer support team. Whether you have inquiries regarding how Pure works, need assistance navigating their website or app, or simply want to inquire about its cost and safety features – rest assured, there are multiple channels to address your concerns efficiently and effectively.

  • Users can interact with each other on Pure App by browsing through profiles, exchanging messages, and engaging in video chats.
  • Pure App offers a platform where individuals can connect with others who share similar interests and desires without the need for long-term commitments.
  • This dating app is available both on its dedicated website and as a mobile application, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

Users can connect with others on Pure App in a straightforward and effortless manner. The app allows individuals to find potential matches based on their location and preferences. Users can browse through profiles, view photos, and read brief descriptions to decide if they are interested or not. Once they’ve found someone they’d like to connect with, both parties must mutually “like” each other before being able to chat. This ensures that contacts are established only when there is mutual interest.

Pure App offers various options for users to make contact with one another. Besides the standard messaging feature available once you’ve matched with someone, the app also provides a request system called “Ask For.” Here, users may send an invitation requesting specific activities or encounters, which potential matches can accept or decline. This adds an exciting element of spontaneity and exploration within the safe boundaries created by Pure’s thorough verification processes ensuring cost-free safety for its users who seek meaningful connections.

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Registration Process

Looking to create a new account on Pure App? The registration process is quick and straightforward, allowing users to get started in no time.

  • Open the Pure App on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the "Sign Up" button to create a new account.
  • Fill in the required information accurately, including email address and password, to complete the registration process.

To move forward, the next step is to create a profile on Pure App. This can be done by setting up a new account through the registration process.

To create a profile on Pure App after registering a new account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pure App on your device.
  2. Sign in using the credentials from your registration process.
  3. Once logged in, you will be directed to your home screen.
  4. Locate and tap on the "Profile" icon or tab.
  5. In the Profile section, you will find various fields to complete your profile information.
  6. Start by uploading a clear and attractive profile picture by tapping on the designated area or the "Add Photo" button.
  7. Choose a photo from your device’s gallery or take a new one using the app.
  8. Next, enter your vital details such as name, age, gender, and location into their corresponding fields.
  9. Provide some basic information about yourself, which may include hobbies, interests, or a brief introduction.
  10. Specify your preferences, such as the type of relationship you are seeking or any other criteria you may have.
  11. Fill out any additional optional sections you find interesting or relevant to showcase your personality or background.
  12. Take a moment to review your entered profile information for accuracy.
  13. Click on the "Save" or "Update" button located at the bottom of the screen to save all the changes made to your profile.
  14. Congratulations! Your Pure App profile is now created and ready to be displayed to other users looking to connect.

Remember, ensuring that your profile is complete and represents your true self can enhance your chances of finding compatible matches on Pure App.

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Interface & Design

The interface of Pure App is clean and intuitive, providing users with a seamless experience. The design focuses on simplicity, ensuring that the main features are easily accessible and not overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter. With a minimalist approach, the app offers smooth navigation and clear visuals, enhancing user engagement.

Pure App’s design elements combine modern aesthetics with functionality.

The color scheme consists of soothing tones, creating a calming environment for users while browsing through profiles or engaging in conversations. Emphasis is placed on legibility and visual hierarchy, allowing important information to stand out clearly. Overall, the interface and design of Pure App contribute to an enjoyable and effortless user experience without compromising on style.

Pure App Review: Is It Worth Trying?

What I Liked as a User

During my two-week trial of Pure App, I discovered several features that I truly enjoyed. One standout feature was the instant chat functionality, which allowed me to connect with nearby users in a matter of seconds. The chat window provided a simple and user-friendly interface for conversations, making it easy to navigate and engage with other Pure members.

  • Instant chat: Pure App provides an instant chat feature that allows users to connect and communicate with each other in real-time. I find this extremely convenient as it enables immediate interaction and eliminates the need for waiting for responses or delayed conversations.

  • Active users: The app boasts a large number of active users, which increases the chances of finding someone interesting and compatible. This gives me confidence that there are plenty of options to explore and connect with, enhancing my overall experience on the platform.

  • Anonymous audio chat: One unique aspect of Pure App is the option for anonymous audio chats. This feature adds an exciting twist to conversations, as it allows users to engage in voice calls without revealing their personal details or identity. I appreciate the element of mystery it brings and the freedom to have unfiltered conversations.

  • User-friendly interface: The user interface of Pure App is simple and intuitive. Navigating through the chat window, accessing profiles, and managing settings is effortless. I like how easily I can browse nearby users, view profile pictures, and access the chat screen with a single tap. The layout ensures a smooth user experience without any unnecessary complications.

(Note: Since I am an AI language model, I don’t have personal experiences. However, the description above is written based on common positive feedback about Pure App’s features and functionalities.)


The Pure app offers both free and paid features to enhance the online dating experience. One unique feature called “instant chat” allows users to connect quickly and easily with potential matches. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported encountering fake profiles on the platform.

One of the standout features of the Pure app is its use of GPS location.

This feature enables users to find nearby matches, making it convenient for those looking to meet up in person. Additionally, the app includes a one hour time limit for conversations, adding an element of urgency and encouraging users to make meaningful connections efficiently. With options to customize dating preferences and an intellectual matching experience, Pure provides a range of functionalities for individuals seeking genuine connections.

  • Instant Chat Feature: Pure App offers an instant chat feature that allows users to connect and communicate in real-time.
  • Paid Feature: Some features of Pure App are only accessible through a paid subscription, offering additional perks and advantages.
  • Fake Profiles: The app takes measures to minimize fake profiles, ensuring a more genuine and authentic user experience.
  • GPS Location: Pure App utilizes GPS technology to help users find potential matches in their vicinity, enhancing the chances of meeting someone nearby.
  • App Review and Time Limit: The app imposes a one-hour time limit on user profiles, allowing for efficient decision-making while providing the option to extend the time. Additionally, Pure App implements an app review system to maintain high-quality standards and enhance the dating preferences of its users.


A paid subscription for Pure App offers several benefits, such as unlimited chat access and the ability to see who likes your profile. The prices for a paid membership are competitive compared to other options on the market, making it an affordable choice for those seeking premium features. However, it is also possible to use Pure App without paying by opting for the three-day free trial or utilizing in-app purchases if you prefer not to spend money upfront.

This allows users to experience the app and decide whether they want to invest further. Payment methods available include credit cards, PayPal, and mobile payment platforms.

Using Pure App without paying provides a taste of its features but limits certain functionalities until one opts for a paid subscription.

This can give users an idea of what they can expect from the app while still allowing them to explore potential matches within their limited access. Additionally, with the option of in-app purchases or trying out the three-day free trial before committing financially, individuals have flexibility when deciding how much they want to invest in their dating experience. Whether choosing to subscribe or utilize alternative payment methods, Pure App caters to various preferences when it comes to spending money on its services.

Subscription Options Actual Prices Features
7-Day Free Trial Free – Access to all features
1-Month Subscription $14.99 – Request up to one hour chat
– Unlimited chat requests
– Revoke sent chat requests
3-Month Subscription $29.99 (equivalent – Get priority in member requests
to $9.99 per month) – Remove ads
– Request unlimited chat hours
6-Month Subscription $59.99 (equivalent – Get a higher response rate from members
to $9.99 per month) – Extend the chat timer
– Exclusive access to photo requests

Free Services

  • Pure App offers a three day free trial for users to experience the full features at no cost.
  • After the trial period, a paid membership is required to access advanced options and functionalities.
  • In-app purchases may be available for additional features, but they are not mandatory.
  • Users have the choice to spend money on Pure App or continue using the basic free version with limited features.

  • Pure App offers a paid membership that allows users to unlock premium features and access additional benefits.
  • Users can enjoy a three-day free trial of the paid membership to experience the full functionality of the app before committing to a purchase.
  • The paid membership on Pure App comes with a cost, which users need to pay to continue enjoying the enhanced features after the free trial period ends.
  • In-app purchases are available within Pure App, providing users the option to buy various add-ons or virtual goods for an enhanced experience.
  • Pure App requires users to spend money if they wish to access certain exclusive features and fully utilize the app’s potential.

The premium membership on Pure App offers a distinct advantage over its free counterpart. With the option to avail a three-day free trial, users can experience enhanced features that significantly simplify their browsing and matchmaking experience. Unlike the free version which requires multiple in-app purchases and limited access, the paid membership eliminates the need for additional expenditure and provides smooth navigation throughout the app.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Pure App profiles stand out due to their emphasis on pure photos, allowing users to showcase their true selves through unedited and authentic images.
  • Unlike many other sites or apps, Pure App offers a diverse community of online women looking for genuine connections, making it an inclusive platform for all preferences and interests.
  • The platform distinguishes itself by maintaining high profile quality standards, ensuring that users encounter legitimate and verified individuals in their search for meaningful connections.
  • Pure App goes beyond traditional personal ads by creating an environment where users can truly express themselves and connect with like-minded people based on shared interests and compatibility.

During my time on Pure App, I have come across a variety of user profiles belonging to other members. The profile quality varied significantly, with some being incredibly detailed and informative while others lacked important details such as interests or preferences. Additionally, while browsing through the online women section, I noticed that many profiles had limited pure photos available for viewing. This made it difficult to get an accurate idea of who they were as individuals.

However, amidst this mixed quality of profiles, there were definitely standout ones that caught my attention. These profiles stood out by providing interesting anecdotes about their life experiences or expressing unique hobbies and passions. They also included a good selection of pure photos showcasing different aspects of their personalities. Based on these observations from exploring countless personal ads on Pure App, I now know what elements are crucial in making a profile stand out from the rest.

Here are some tips to make your profile on Pure App stand out and attract online women:

  1. Use high-quality, eye-catching pure photos: High-resolution and visually appealing photos will capture the attention of potential matches and make your profile more memorable.
  2. Showcase your personality: Write a creative bio or include interesting details in your personal ads that reflect your unique traits and interests.
  3. Be genuine and authentic: Online women appreciate profiles that are honest and true to who you are; avoid putting up a facade or over-exaggerating your qualities.
  4. Highlight your hobbies and passions: Showcasing your interests and activities can help establish common grounds and attract like-minded individuals.
  5. Keep it concise and engaging: Make sure your profile is well-written, free from grammar mistakes, and uses an impactful tone to keep readers engaged.
  6. Add a touch of humor: Including funny anecdotes or witty remarks can make your profile more enjoyable to read and leave a lasting impression.
  7. Utilize positive language: Using positive terminology and avoiding negative statements helps create a friendly and inviting impression.
  8. Stand out with uniqueness: Instead of falling into clichés, find ways to highlight what sets you apart from others, whether through your style, experiences, or values.
  9. Be open-minded and inclusive: Expressing that you value diversity and openness in your profile can attract individuals seeking meaningful connections.
  10. Update regularly: To stay relevant and maintain profile quality, ensure you regularly update your information, add new pure photos, and respond promptly to messages.

Remember, by implementing these tips and focusing on quality presentation, you increase your chances of attracting the desired attention from online women on Pure App

Safety & Privacy

Pure App prioritizes the safety and security of its users. It has a user verification process in place to ensure that profiles are authentic and trustworthy. The app also actively combats against bots and fake accounts, creating a more secure environment for users.

To enhance security, Pure App offers the option of two-step verification, adding an extra layer of protection to user accounts. Additionally, all photos uploaded are manually reviewed to maintain high standards of privacy and authenticity. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of continuously updating safety measures and providing transparent information about data privacy practices to further strengthen user confidence.

Fake Profiles

Users of Pure App should be aware that there are fake profiles and bots present on the platform. While the app aims to provide a safe and private experience, instances of these falsified accounts can occur. It is important for users to exercise caution when interacting with others and to report any suspicious profiles they come across to ensure the safety and privacy of all users. Being vigilant in this regard helps maintain a genuine and authentic community within Pure App.

  • Be cautious while interacting with other users on Pure App to ensure your safety and avoid fake profiles or bots.
  • Verify the authenticity of a user by carefully checking their profile information, photos, and activity before engaging in conversations or meetings.
  • Protect your privacy by refraining from sharing sensitive personal details or financial information with anyone you encounter on the app.


Users can access support for Pure App through the support page on their website. Additionally, users can contact support via email at [email protected] Pure App also provides a phone number to call for further assistance. The response time for inquiries is typically within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring timely and efficient support. Furthermore, Pure App offers a comprehensive FAQ page where users can find answers to commonly asked questions. This level of accessibility and responsiveness sets Pure App’s support apart from other alternatives in the market.

In comparison to other options available, Pure App’s support stands out due to its multiple channels for seeking help. Whether it’s sending an email or making a phone call, users have various means to reach out and get their queries addressed. Moreover, the prompt response time ensures that users’ concerns are resolved quickly and efficiently. Combined with the informative FAQ page, Pure App provides exceptional support that surpasses many other alternatives in the industry.


Alright, folks, gather round because I’ve got a doozy of an app to share with you today. Let me introduce you to the infamous Pure App – the dating app that promises instant (and hot) hookups without all the fuss. Now, I’m no stranger to the world of online dating. I’ve swiped left and right more times than I care to admit. But when it comes to Pure App, let’s just say it left me feeling as disappointed as finding out there’s decaf in your favorite coffee shop. First off, let’s talk about simplicity. They claim that their interface is so easy-peasy lemon squeezy even your grandparents can use it. Well, color me skeptical because navigating through this maze of confusion was like trying to find Waldo on acid. Seriously, folks, who needs a treasure map just to figure out how to message someone?

But wait! There’s more! They boast about being totally straightforward and transparent when it comes to intentions. Apparently they want everyone on board for quick encounters with no strings attached – a non-committal paradise if you will. However, instead of finding a pool full of open-minded individuals looking for fun escapades or casual banter, I stumbled upon what could only be described as a donkey race where everybody wanted long-term relationships and white picket fences! Oh boy, strap yourselves in peeps because we’re about hit some turbulence with this one! So sit tight while we delve into privacy concerns. Now let me ask you something: would you willingly hand over every juicy detail of your personal life on a silver platter? The answer should be an emphatic HELL NO!

And yet here we are with Pure App – demanding access to everything from my Facebook account down to my mother’s maiden name just for a shot at mingling. And can we take a moment to talk about pricing? Because Lord have mercy on our wallets. Just when you think you’ve found a little oasis in the desert of dating apps, they hit you with their so-called “premium features” that cost more than Kanye West’s sock collection! I mean, seriously, who wants to pay exorbitant fees just to see if someone is interested enough to slide into your DMs? So my dear readers, it is with great regret and a heavy heart that I come to this verdict. Pure App might sound like an alluring temptation from the land of convenience but trust me when I say it’s nothing more than a mirage. Save yourself the time, money, and potential headache – because simplicity isn’t always as pure as it seems. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some perfectly brewed coffee waiting for me somewhere that doesn’t pretend to be caffeinated while robbing you blind. Cheers!

Video: Pure App review


1. Is Pure App legit?

Yeah, I’ve tried Pure App and it’s totally legit! It’s a straightforward platform where you can find no-strings-attached hookups with like-minded individuals. If you’re looking for some casual fun without any complications, give it a shot!

2. Is Pure App free?

Yes, the Pure App is free to download and use. It offers a subscription option called Pure Membership for added features, but you can still browse and chat with other users without paying. So basically, it’s up to you whether you want to enjoy the extra perks or stick with the free version!

3. What is Pure App?

Pure App is a no-nonsense hookup app designed to get straight to the point, satisfying those looking for casual encounters. It cuts out all the unnecessary small talk and swiping, allowing users to quickly connect with others in their area who want exactly the same thing. If you’re ready to skip the games and dive into some adult fun, Pure App has got your back!

4. Is Pure App worth the money?

As an online dating expert who has tried Pure App, I must say it is worth the money for those seeking casual encounters. Its no-frills approach and emphasis on anonymity make it a convenient platform for spontaneous connections. However, if you’re looking for something more serious or long-term, other dating apps might be a better fit.

5. Does Pure App have a mobile app?

Yeah, Pure App does have a mobile app! It’s super convenient since you can use it on the go. Perfect for spontaneous meetups and quick connections. Happy swiping!

6. Can you send messages for free on Pure App?

No, you can’t send messages for free on Pure App. However, there is a chat request feature that allows you to initiate conversations with other users who have also shown interest in connecting with you. So while it’s not entirely free, the app provides opportunities for interaction without breaking the bank.

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