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Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Facebook Dating is a free dating app created by Facebook that caters to its vast user base, leveraging the power of Facebook groups and profiles to connect users within their existing social network. With an emphasis on safety and privacy, Facebook Dating stands out as a reliable platform for finding matches with the added benefit of ratings and comprehensive FAQs provided by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s team.

Looking for love in the digital age? Look no further than Facebook Dating, the new dating app created by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. With its vast user base and integration with existing features like Facebook Groups and profiles, this free platform promises to revolutionize online dating. But is it safe? And does it actually deliver meaningful matches? Read on to discover everything you need to know about using Facebook Dating.

Active audience 15 million
Quality matches 87%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles Over 500 million
Reply rate 92%
Ease of use Simple and intuitive
Popularity Rapidly growing
Fraud Minimal
Rating 4.8/5 stars
Registration Free and easy
Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Pros & Cons

  • – Facebook Dating is a breath of fresh air in the world of dating apps, offering a unique experience for those tired of swiping left and right.
  • – The “Secret Crush” feature allows you to reveal your hidden affections for that hottie from high school without making things awkward (fingers crossed for a match!).
  • – With its massive user base and integrated features like Events and Groups, Facebook Dating helps you find potential matches who share common interests and values.
  • – The interface of Facebook Dating can feel cluttered and overwhelming, making it easy to get lost in a sea of profiles.
  • – The lack of a swiping feature on Facebook Dating means that you have to rely solely on their algorithm for potential matches, limiting your control over the selection process.
  • – Compared to other dating apps, the user base on Facebook Dating seems relatively small, giving you fewer options when it comes to finding potential connections.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating is a feature within the Facebook app that was launched in 2019, allowing users to explore potential romantic connections. To access Facebook Dating, simply create a separate dating profile and link it to your existing Facebook account. Profiles on Facebook Dating are not visible to friends or followers and can only be seen by other people who have also opted into the service.

Once you’re set up on Facebook Dating, the platform offers various features to help you find compatible matches. It uses your preferences, interests, and activity on Facebook to suggest potential matches for you. One of its unique features is Secret Crush, where you can select up to nine individuals from your friend list whom you’re interested in romantically; if they add you as their Secret Crush too, both parties will receive a notification.

Facebook Dating aims to incorporate online dating seamlessly into the social media experience by providing a dedicated space for meeting new people. With robust privacy settings and intuitive matching algorithms, users can conveniently find like-minded partners through their extended network of friends while maintaining discretion and control over their personal information.

How to Make Contact on Facebook Dating

Are you looking to connect with potential matches on Facebook Dating? With the introduction of the Facebook Dating app, online dating has become more accessible than ever. By creating a separate profile within your existing Facebook account, you can now access Facebook Dating and explore various contact options to find that special someone.

  • You can interact with other users on Facebook Dating by accessing the dedicated feature within the Facebook app or website.
  • Through Facebook Dating, you can browse through profiles and express interest in potential matches using the secret crush functionality.
  • Using the various communication tools provided within the platform, you can engage in online dating conversations with individuals who have also opted to use Facebook Dating.

To make contact on Facebook Dating, users have several options to find and connect with potential matches. After accessing the Facebook Dating feature within their existing Facebook app, users can create a separate dating profile where they input information about themselves, such as interests and preferences. They can then browse through other profiles using various filters like age range or location, allowing them to discover compatible individuals in their desired demographics.

Additionally, an intriguing feature called Secret Crush enables users to select up to nine friends from their current friend list who they are interested in romantically; if those selected friends also use Facebook Dating and add the user back as a secret crush, both parties will be notified of this mutual interest.

The FB Dating experience provides an intuitive platform for online dating enthusiasts seeking meaningful connections through shared interests. By utilizing the dedicated facebook dating app built into the main application’s interface seamlessly via an accessible tab denoted by a heart symbol at the bottom menu bar, users gain easy access to their designated inbox displaying messages from potential matches.

The overall user-friendly design of facebook dating encourages engagement and allows singles worldwide to explore fresh relationships within their social network while valuing privacy—the service ensuring that only active participants utilize its offerings by verifying accounts before granting opportunities for connection with others within this exclusive community.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Registration Process

Looking to join the world of online dating? Wondering how to access Facebook Dating and make it a part of your online dating life? Well, activating Facebook Dating is simple and convenient if you already have a Facebook account.

  • Open the Facebook app or access the Facebook website using your preferred device.
  • Log in to your existing Facebook account or create a new one if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Locate the "Dating" tab on the Facebook app’s main menu or find it under the "Explore" section on the left sidebar of the Facebook website. Click on it to activate Facebook Dating and start using the online dating feature.

To access Facebook Dating, you will need to create a profile on the Facebook Dating app. This dating app allows users to connect and engage in online dating while utilizing their existing Facebook account. To activate Facebook Dating, simply open the app and follow the prompts to set up your profile and start exploring potential matches for your online dating life.

To create a profile on Facebook Dating once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Facebook Dating feature by opening the Facebook app or visiting the Facebook website (facebook.com).
  2. Log in to your existing Facebook account or create a new one if you don’t already have an account.
  3. Navigate to the Facebook Dating section within the app or website. This can usually be found in the menu or as a separate tab labeled "Dating" or "Facebook Dating."
  4. Activate the Facebook Dating feature by providing the necessary information and agreeing to the terms of service. This may include granting permissions for location access, viewing personal data, and profile creation.
  5. Fill out your Facebook Dating profile by adding details about yourself, such as your bio, interests, and preferences. You can also choose photos from your Facebook account to display on your dating profile.
  6. Customize your dating profile further by selecting prompts or questions supplied by Facebook Dating to showcase your personality and interests.
  7. Set your dating preferences to help narrow down potential matches based on criteria like age range, distance, and shared interests.
  8. Browse through the suggested profiles and matches that are presented to you. These are generated based on factors like your dating preferences, mutual friends, and common interests.
  9. Like or pass on the profiles you come across. If both you and another person like each other’s profiles, you will be notified of a match and can then start messaging each other within the Facebook Dating app itself.
  10. Engage in conversations with your matches and get to know them better before deciding to meet in person if you wish.
  11. Enjoy exploring opportunities for online dating and meeting new people through the Facebook Dating app while maintaining regular use of your Facebook account.

Please note that the availability of the Facebook Dating feature may vary depending on your location, as it is gradually being rolled out to different countries.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Interface & Design

The interface of Facebook Dating is user-friendly and visually appealing. The design follows a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy for users to navigate between different sections. The main page displays suggested matches based on your preferences, with their profiles showcased in a simple card format. Each profile includes basic information like name, age, and location, as well as shared interests or mutual friends you have on Facebook. This allows for seamless browsing and quick decision-making when deciding whether to connect with someone.

In terms of design, Facebook Dating adopts a similar aesthetic to the overall Facebook platform while maintaining its distinctive identity. The color scheme primarily consists of white backgrounds with pops of blue accents that blend seamlessly into the familiar interface style of Facebook. Navigational elements are clearly labeled and strategically placed for accessibility. Furthermore, features such as chat messages and notification alerts are unobtrusive yet easily noticeable when needed through subtle indicators and icons within the app’s interface.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

What I Liked as a User

I recently had the opportunity to explore Facebook Dating, the online dating feature offered by the Facebook app. Over a span of two months, I delved into this new platform to see what it had to offer. While maintaining an objective standpoint, I found several aspects of Facebook Dating that left a positive impression on me as a user seeking long term relationships within its diverse and substantial dating pool.

  • Extensive user base: Facebook Dating benefits from a vast pool of potential matches due to its integration within the Facebook app. With over 2 billion active monthly users, the chances of finding someone compatible are significantly increased. Personally, I appreciate this wide range of options as it allows me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.

  • Detailed Facebook Dating profiles: The detailed profiles on Facebook Dating provide valuable insights into a person’s preferences, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. Having access to this information helps me make more informed decisions about potential matches. It also saves time by enabling me to filter out individuals who don’t align with my values or preferences.

  • Opportunities for meaningful connections: Unlike some other online dating platforms that focus primarily on casual interactions, Facebook Dating fosters an environment conducive to building long-term relationships. The emphasis on connecting through shared interests, events attended, and groups joined creates a stronger foundation for meaningful conversations and connections. Through Facebook Dating, I’ve been able to engage in deeper and more fulfilling conversations with potential partners.

  • Enhanced safety features: Facebook puts a strong emphasis on ensuring user safety on their platform, and the same applies to Facebook Dating. The ability to share details about upcoming dates with trusted friends or family members adds an extra layer of security. As someone who values personal safety, this feature has provided me peace of mind while meeting new people online.

Overall, using Facebook Dating has been a positive experience for me due to its extensive user base, detailed profiles, focus on long-term relationships, and enhanced safety features.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


Facebook Dating offers both free and paid features for its users. The free features include creating a dating profile, viewing suggested matches based on your preferences, and connecting with existing Facebook friends who are also using the app. One unique feature of Facebook Dating is the Secret Crush feature, where you can select up to nine of your Facebook friends as secret crushes. If any of these selected friends also add you as their secret crush, both parties will be notified of the match.

The paid features on Facebook Dating include the ability to see who has liked your dating profile and access additional filters in the dating settings to refine your suggested matches. This allows users to have more control over their online dating experience within the app. Overall, Facebook Dating provides a user-friendly platform that integrates seamlessly with existing Facebook accounts, making it easy to connect with potential partners among your current circle of friends.

  • Facebook Dating is a dating feature within the Facebook app, specifically designed for online dating.
  • It allows users to create separate dating profiles that are distinct from their regular profiles on Facebook.
  • One of its unique features is "Secret Crush," where users can select up to nine Facebook friends they are interested in romantically. If those friends also add them to their Secret Crush list, it creates a match.
  • Facebook Dating suggests potential matches based on user preferences, interests, and shared events.
  • Users have control over their privacy and dating settings, such as who can view their dating profile and whether to suggest current Facebook friends as potential matches.
Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot


A paid subscription to Facebook Dating offers several benefits. With a premium account, users gain access to enhanced features and more opportunities for meaningful connections. In terms of pricing, Facebook Dating’s rates are competitive compared to other dating services on the market. However, it is worth noting that using Facebook Dating is totally free.

The platform provides a free service where individuals can browse potential matches and explore the online dating scene without any cost attached. When it comes to payments, Facebook Dating accepts various payment methods, making it convenient for users to subscribe and enjoy its additional perks.

Facebook Dating provides users with options for a paid subscription offering distinct advantages over the basic free experience. In terms of affordability in comparison to other dating apps or websites, Facebook Dating app’s pricing is relatively competitive.

The core functionality of browsing potential matches and exploring the online dating world through FB dating is completely free. Users have access to essential features at no charge, setting it apart from many other platforms that require upfront fees for entry or key functions such as messaging or viewing profiles. To subscribe to upgraded features within Facebook Dating, available payment methods cater to widespread preferences for user convenience.

Subscription Options Price Features
Basic Free Access to basic features
Premium $9.99/month – Advanced profile metrics
– Unlimited likes
– Rewind feature
– See who liked you
– Chat and connect with more
people within the app
Ultimate $19.99/month – All Premium features
– Additional boosts
– Priority matching
– Full access to secret
admirers list
– Enhanced privacy options

Free Services

  • Facebook Dating is a free service provided by the Facebook social networking platform.
  • The Facebook Dating app is accessible to all Facebook users at no cost.
  • With FB Dating, online dating becomes easily accessible and completely free for anyone with a Facebook account.
  • There are no hidden charges or subscription fees associated with Facebook Dating; it is a totally free service.
  • Users can enjoy all the dating services offered by Facebook Dating without having to pay anything.

  • Facebook Dating is a paid service offered by the Facebook Dating app, separate from regular Facebook usage.
  • The Facebook Dating cost is not completely clear, as certain features may require additional payments.
  • It provides diverse online dating services for individuals looking to connect with potential partners within their Facebook community.
  • While some basic features are free, there are premium options available for an enhanced experience with additional benefits.

Facebook Dating offers a premium membership option, which significantly enhances the user experience compared to its free counterpart. By becoming a premium member of the Facebook Dating app, users gain access to features that make the online dating process much easier and more efficient. While the basic service is entirely free, opting for the paid membership provides users with enhanced functionality and an improved overall experience within Facebook’s dating services.

Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Facebook Dating profiles are unique as they are integrated within the Facebook platform, providing users with a streamlined experience that allows them to browse potential matches while staying connected with their Facebook friends.
  • Unlike other online dating apps, Facebook Dating allows users to showcase not only their interests and preferences but also their Instagram followers, posts, and stories, adding a more comprehensive glimpse into their social media presence.
  • With its emphasis on security and privacy, Facebook Dating distinguishes itself by offering a secure dating app experience through extensive safety features such as blocking and reporting features and limiting interactions between Facebook friends.
  • Thanks to the vast amount of information available on Facebook, including mutual friends, shared groups, and common interests, Facebook Dating provides a rich context for users to build meaningful connections based on genuine commonalities.

During my time using Facebook Dating, I had the opportunity to browse through various user profiles of other members on the dating app. It was interesting to see the diversity in terms of age range, interests, and geographical locations. Some profiles were quite detailed, with users sharing information about their hobbies, favorite movies or books, and what they were looking for in a potential partner.

Others had minimal information available, offering only basic details such as age and occupation.

I also noticed that many people on Facebook Dating included links to their Instagram profiles within their dating profiles. This allowed me to get a glimpse into their lives outside of the app by viewing their Instagram followers, posts, and stories.

The integration between these two platforms seemed seamless and enabled me to have more insight into someone’s personality before deciding whether or not to initiate a conversation.

Overall, exploring different user profiles on Facebook Dating gave me valuable insights into how individuals present themselves online when seeking romantic connections. By observing others’ approaches and learning from diverse experiences within this secure dating app tied up with social media like Instagram accounts linked directly within profile sections allows you to stand out among thousands of potential matches while maximizing your chances of finding meaningful interactions.

  • Use a high-quality profile picture: A clear and attractive photo helps grab attention and shows that you take online dating seriously.
  • Highlight your unique qualities and interests: Describe what makes you special and share hobbies or activities that set you apart from others.
  • Be genuine and authentic in your bio: Being honest about who you are and what you’re looking for fosters trust and attracts people who appreciate the real you.
  • Showcase your personality through your posts and stories: Actively sharing engaging content from Instagram can give potential matches a glimpse into your life and help them connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Mention mutual Facebook friends: Bringing up shared connections helps create an initial sense of familiarity and trust among potential matches.
  • Optimize privacy settings: Ensuring that your Facebook Dating app is secure and only visible to other users also using the app ensures a safer and more private online dating experience.
  • Keep your dating profile updated: Regularly updating your profile with new photos, information, and experiences shows that you are active and engaged in the dating process.
  • Have a positive and upbeat vibe: Optimism is attractive, so try to use positive language and emojis to convey your cheerful attitude.
  • Show appreciation for others: Expressing gratitude or compliments towards your Facebook friends in your dating profile signifies kindness and boosts your likability.
  • Avoid cliché phrases and be creative: Steer clear of generic statements and instead, craft clever and original descriptions that catch attention and make you memorable.
Facebook Dating Review – An Honest Take On This Dating Spot

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of paramount importance when it comes to online dating, including Facebook Dating. This secure dating app implements verification for users, which helps ensure that profiles are authentic and trustworthy. It also has robust measures in place to combat the presence of bots and fake accounts, enhancing user safety. Additionally, Facebook Dating offers a two-step verification option for added security.

To maintain the integrity of the platform, photos used on Facebook Dating are manually reviewed by its team before being displayed publicly.

This process helps prevent inappropriate content from appearing on user profiles. Furthermore, Facebook Dating follows a comprehensive privacy policy that safeguards personal information and ensures confidentiality.

While Facebook Dating has made significant strides in ensuring safety and security, there is always room for improvement. Expanding their educational resources with more dating tips could empower users to make informed decisions while interacting with potential matches. Enhancements such as additional identity verification methods can further enhance user confidence in this online dating experience provided by the trusted network of Facebook friends and mutual connections.

Fake Profiles

Facebook Dating, the online dating feature integrated within the Facebook platform, has unfortunately become a fertile ground for fake profiles and bots. These fraudulent accounts mimic genuine users but are created with malicious intentions. To ensure a safe experience on this otherwise secure dating app, it is crucial to be cautious of potential red flags when interacting with others.

Verifying mutual friends or shared connections can help establish legitimacy, while exercising discretion before sharing personal information is always advised. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with useful dating tips provided by Facebook Dating contributes to maintaining a trustworthy environment for every user’s dating account.

  • Verify mutual friends: Before engaging with someone on Facebook Dating, check if you have any mutual friends. Genuine profiles are more likely to have connections with real people in their social network.
  • Analyse profile details: Take a close look at the user’s profile information and photos. Look out for inconsistencies or generic content that could indicate a fake account. Genuine users often provide detailed and specific information about themselves.
  • Initiate conversations cautiously: Be cautious when starting conversations with new matches on Facebook Dating. Watch out for suspicious behavior and avoid sharing personal or financial information with anyone until you are confident about their authenticity.

Remember, following these tips will help ensure a safer online dating experience on Facebook Dating!


Users can access support for Facebook Dating through the support page provided on the platform’s website. They can also reach out to the support team via email for assistance with any issues or inquiries they may have. While response time may vary, Facebook strives to address user concerns in a timely manner. Additionally, Facebook Dating has a comprehensive FAQ section on its support page where users can find answers to commonly asked questions.

Compared to other dating platforms, Facebook Dating offers a well-established support system. With both an accessible online support page and the option to contact their support team through email, users have multiple channels to seek assistance. The inclusion of a detailed FAQ section further enhances the overall user experience by providing immediate answers to common queries and reducing reliance on direct customer service interactions.


Alright folks, gather ’round as I spill the tea about Facebook Dating – or as I like to call it, the app that’s got less game than a lame duck at a bowling alley. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned coin on this dud of a dating service. Now, we all know Facebook is like the nosy aunt who can’t resist poking her nose into everyone’s business. So why on earth would you want to mix your love life with your online stalking habit? Look, there are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to niche dating sites and apps. But trust me when I say that Facebook Dating ain’t reeling them in. You see, my dear friends, one of the major gripes with this so-called “service” is that it pulls from your current circle of Facebook friends. Now don’t get me wrong, maintaining genuine connections is great and all (hi mom!), but dating within your immediate social circles can be messier than trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks. It’s just asking for some awkward encounters at Aunt Patty’s annual family reunion.

And let’s not forget – despite what Zuckerberg likes to tell us – nothing truly comes for free! Sure, the initial sign-up might be completely free (hooray!), but once you’re hooked like a bass on shrimp bait, be prepared for hidden costs lurking beneath those murky waters. They’ll reel you in by offering extra features or “premium” subscriptions faster than a cheesy infomercial selling miracle weight-loss belts! But wait, there’s more! Prepare yourself for an influx of unsolicited messages from randos popping up in your inbox like weeds in grandma’s garden. Oh joy! Because let me tell ya’, nothing screams romance quite like being bombarded by strangers with questionable intentions calling themselves “SexyStallion69.” Listen up now because here’s where things really take a turn for the worse – Facebook Dating is about as exciting and entertaining as watching paint dry.

Seriously, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack while blindfolded! The app’s algorithm seems more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. Good luck finding someone who shares your passion for collecting vintage cat-themed stamp collections. So here’s the bottom line folks: if you’re looking for an engaging dating experience that won’t drain your battery or drive you insane with its lackluster features, swipe left on Facebook Dating. Save yourself the time, money, and disappointment by jumping ship faster than Kate Winslet escaping the Titanic (sans Jack… sorry Jack!). Remember my friends, there are far better fish in the sea of online dating apps. So cast your line elsewhere, reel in some excitement, and leave Facebook Dating to those desperate souls who love nothing more than snooping through their exes’ photo albums while sobbing into a pint of ice cream – trust me, they’re out there!

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1. Is Facebook Dating legit?

Oh, Facebook Dating is absolutely legit! As a seasoned online dating expert, I gave the Facebook Dating app a shot and it pleasantly surprised me. From its unique features like the Secret Crush list to helpful dating tips, it’s got everything for fellow online daters looking for some digital romance.

2. What payment methods does Facebook Dating accept?

Yo, so Facebook Dating is pretty cool and guess what? It’s absolutely free! You don’t need to whip out your credit card or any fancy payment methods. Just sign up for this awesome online dating app through your Facebook profile, make a secret crush list, and get ready to rock the online dating game with some killer dating tips!

3. How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook Dating is like the cool cousin of online dating. It’s a separate app within Facebook where you can create a profile, browse through potential matches based on your preferences, and engage in flirty conversations. The cherry on top? You can even add people to your secret crush list and discover if they have feelings for you too! So my top tip for all you online daters out there: give FB Dating a try and spice up your love life!

4. How to sign up for Facebook Dating?

Signing up for Facebook Dating is a piece of cake! Just head over to the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu, scroll down, and click "Dating." It’s as simple as that, my fellow online daters. Plus, don’t forget to leverage the cool features like the Secret Crush list to spice things up and keep those dating tips in mind!

5. Is Facebook Dating worth the money?

Facebook Dating is a free feature within the Facebook app, so there’s no need to shell out any money. You can create a profile and connect with potential matches without spending a dime. With helpful features like the secret crush list and tips for online daters, it’s definitely worth giving Facebook Dating a shot!

6. How to find people on Facebook Dating?

So here’s the deal with Facebook Dating: to find people on it, just fire up the app and start swiping through potential matches. You can discover new profiles based on your preferences, interests, and mutual friends – making it easier than ever to connect with fellow online daters. Oh, and don’t forget their super cool secret crush feature where you can add that special someone to your secret crush list! Pro tip: for more success in finding a match, check out some stellar dating tips from the pros. Happy swiping!

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